Payment policy



Payment terms:


The prices applicable to the services offered by Service Providers are determined by the persons providing the relevant services. These prices can be found on the FLY4DRIVE.COM Website. These prices may change periodically. It is your responsibility to find out about the current prices of the services.


You will pay for the use of the services of a Service Provider to FLY 4 DRIVE LTD, which will act as a representative of the Service Provider. You agree that you will pay for all services provided by the Service Provider and that FLY 4 DRIVE LTD has the right to demand payment from your bank card (provided by you at the time of booking) for the services (including taxes, fees and interest for delay). , where applicable) used by you or in connection with your Account. You are responsible for timely payments of all amounts and for providing FLY 4 DRIVE with a valid bank card for payment at any time. FLY 4 DRIVE LTD uses a third party payment processor (“Payment Processor”) to connect your bank card to the FLY4DRIVE.COM platform and the Services. The processing of payments in connection with the use of the FLY4DRIVE.COM platform and the Services on your part will be governed by the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy of the Payment Processor and the issuer of your bank card. If it is necessary to return an amount paid with a card, the amount will be refunded only on the card with which it was paid.


FLY 4 DRIVE LTD is not responsible for errors of the Payment Processor. In connection with the use of the Services by you, FLY 4 DRIVE LTD will receive some data on the transactions that FLY 4 DRIVE LTD may use only in accordance with its Privacy Policy and cookies.


You understand that the use of the Services may result in the accrual of amounts for the services or goods you receive from a Third Party Provider (the “Amounts”). After you have requested the receipt of services or goods, FLY 4 DRIVE LTD will assist in the payment of the amounts due on behalf of the Third Party Supplier. Payment of the Amounts in this way will be considered as payment directly by you to the Third Party Supplier. The amounts will include the fees required by law. The amounts paid by you are final and non-refundable, unless otherwise expressly stated by FLY 4 DRIVE LTD. All Amounts are due immediately and FLY 4 DRIVE LTD will assist in their payment through the method specified by you in your Profile, after which, according to your wish, expressed through the settings of your user profile, FLY 4 DRIVE LTD will send you an invoice by the way you choose. In case the main method of payment in your Account has expired, is invalid, or for some other reason does not allow the payment, you give consent to FLY 4 DRIVE LTD to use a secondary method of payment.


FLY 4 DRIVE LTD reserves the right to introduce, remove or change the prices for some Services, at any time and at its discretion. FLY 4 DRIVE will make reasonable efforts to inform you of the applicable prices of the Services at the time of their request by you, without prejudice to your responsibility to pay the amounts due accrued through your Account, regardless of whether you were aware of their size. FLY 4 DRIVE LTD may offer promotional conditions and discounts to some users, which may lead to different amounts charged for the use of similar goods or services received through the Services. You agree that such promotional terms and discounts, unless offered to you, will not apply to your use of the Services and the Amounts charged to you. You may cancel a request to a Third Party Supplier at any time before receiving the request from that Third Party Provider, after which a cancellation fee may be charged.


You have the right without having to pay compensation or penalty and without stating a reason to withdraw from the Contract within the period specified in the relevant service, starting from the date of its conclusion. In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform FLY 4 DRIVE LTD and the Service Provider before the expiration of the term, stating unequivocally your decision to withdraw from the Agreement with an explicit written application in free text, sent to FLY 4 DRIVE LTD will immediately notify the Service Provider of the received statement for withdrawal from the concluded Contract. In case you exercise your right of withdrawal, FLY 4 DRIVE LTD undertakes to refund you in full the amounts paid by you no later than 14 calendar days from the date on which you have exercised your right of withdrawal. conclusion of the Agreement. The processor of payments and FLY 4 DRIVE LTD do not charge additional fees and costs when returning a payment with the right of withdrawal. The accrual of additional costs and fees is related to the specific conditions you have with the issuer of your bank card.


By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, you declare that you are aware that you have no right to refuse to provide services in which the service is fully provided and its implementation has begun with your explicit prior consent and confirmation by you that he knows that it will lose its right of withdrawal after the contract has been performed in full by the Service Provider, as well as in the other cases provided for in the Consumer Protection Act.


FLY 4 DRIVE LTD uses the services of ProCredit Bank Bulgaria for payment processing. ProCredit Bank Bulgaria is a banking institution registered in Bulgaria, which is subject to the law of Bulgaria and the EU. FLY 4 DRIVE LTD does not store any data about your bank card or account and does not have access to such data. By filling in these data, you provide them directly to ProCredit Bank Bulgaria. In case you want to get acquainted with the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of ProCredit Bank Bulgaria, you can do so on the website of ProCredit Bank Bulgaria 1417